Pornography And Vice For Teens – Is It Getting Worse

It is really appalling how around the world, the age of people being exposed to pornography and to various forms of vices keeps going down with the intensity going up. It seems that younger people exhibit substantial knowledge about these types of things…much more so than in years previous. One might see preteens getting pregnant, loitering around corners gambling and with cigarettes dangling from their mouths, engaging in gang fights, or strolling along the streets drunk. There is even news of a two-year old smoking marijuana with a video taken by the parents themselves! Not even the more liberated countries could probably fathom this.

On a personal note, it is believed that a lot of this could be attributed to the diverse forms of media now made even more readily available to these children. For one, there is the internet. Just one click is needed and everything a child needs to know and ought not to know is presented before his very eyes. On the other hand we have radio, television and print media. A child need not ever learn his ABCs in order for him to be able to identify himself with what he sees and hears from any of these materials.

It is even more disconcerting that businesses and industries are taking advantage of these children as great markets for their goods and services through the use of advertisements. But of course, children are the best promotional tools with just a few bats of their lashes, a smile, or a few whines perhaps, and they could immediately get their parents or any adult to shell out money for their sake.

Actually, what is most upsetting are the parents themselves. It is what they do, what they allow to be done and what they fail or refuse to do to their kids that deserve careful scrutiny by the public and the government especially.

There is an outbreak going on with the spread of these awful influences. I do not know about you, but I’m worried about the future now. What I am seeing is our hope for a better and brighter future slowly slipping away from our hands, and it scares the hell out of me.