Pornography Industry Provides Degradation to Women

I used to watch pornography all the time. I used to enjoy it. A growing boy trying to understand what women like, its definitely common to become consumed into that type of world. I used to take notes and visualize me in that scenario and what I would do sexually to my future partner. Overtime I realized that not all women liked it nor did it the same way they do in pornography. I realized that in an embarrassing way because I used to believe that women enjoyed it that way therefore the woman on the screen symbolized what all women wanted. Boy was I wrong! I was glad I was wrong, I am glad that I got to grow up and become mature enough to realize that it is the total opposite.

Women want a guy that is a gentleman, someone that will be gentle with them, make them feel good about themselves. I think the pornography industry preys on young women and in a sense preys upon young men and lonely older men that have no partner. They expect us to sign into the website, pay our monthly fee and then enjoy what their product has to offer. Showing images and videos of women of all races and ages and body sizes engaging in sexual acts and doing any type of position or category involved in pornography. Basically performing in any type of act that the producer or cameraman wants them to perform.

I used to enjoy it because like I said, I was a growing boy taking notes and enjoying the product in my private time but overtime I realized that its just a gross way of earning money and it also offends many religious groups and the parents television council. Sure it is the model’s choice whether she wants to engage in these sexual acts but it doesn’t make it right on any count. Sure everyone needs money, especially in today’s economy, but to prostitute yourself for money over the internet in front of a camera showing off your body to who knows who, just makes you seem like a desperate human being that craves attention.

Sure I still look at pornography from time to time, and I believe in a woman’s right to choose. What is so great about the United States is that anyone can choose what they want to be and how they want to live their life, and if a woman chooses to perform sexual acts in front of a camera than that is her prerogative and I have no choice but to respect that choice. I respect all women and think they can do amazing things in this world. I wish all women the best of luck in this tough man dominated place we call Earth, but at the same time I know that women can be smarter and more successful than men. Hopefully they realize they are more than just a means of entertaining a man and that they are more important. For then and only then will they truly realize their full worth. To all women, I love you and respect you and know that each and every one of you are above the pornography industry. I believe that with all of my heart and soul.